February 27th, 2012


I'm baaack!!! (temporarily...)

I'm back from Trip #1 (which was fantastic), and I have a few days until Trip #2...

Huge thanks to those of you who so kindly sent v-gifts to my LJ! You've made my day. :D

Just a quick update for now. Here are a few bits of news...

-- 1. Adagio Teas now has a line of Sherlock-inspired blends! See them here.

-- 2. Investor's Business Daily ran a piece last week on Tecumseh's leadership style, and the article by Scott S. Smith quotes both me and the biography I wrote of Tecumseh: "Tecumseh's Integrity Attracted Warriors To His Cause."

-- 3. I've begun doing narrations for a terrific new podcast for dark fiction, Tales to Terrify, which is hosted by horror author Larry Santoro. My first unabridged reading for the podcast (P.D. Cacek's "Payback") is now available on the latest episode.

A parting smile for your Monday...

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