May 2nd, 2012

Sherlock/John and tea

Sherlock... and Tea

A friendly reminder to my friends in the USA: for three straight Sunday nights beginning on May 6, PBS will be running the second season of Sherlock. Here's the PBS trailer:

In addition, PBS will be livestreaming tonight's Sherlock Q&A with Benedict Cumberbatch, Sue Vertue, and Steven Moffat at 8:15pm EST. Here's the link!

On a related note, I'm continuing to drink my way through the Sherlock Holmes-themed tea blends at Adagio Teas. My niece and nephew created a monster when they gave me the new teapot for Christmas! In case you're interested, here are my updated amateur "reviews" of the blends I've tried thus far, ranked in order of my enjoyment.

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“I’m really annoyed by pigeonholes and categories and labels. I view them as iniquitous to the spirit of play and of experimentation and of storytelling. The fact at a bookstore, the fiction is divided into fiction and mystery and science fiction, I don’t understand why it has to be that way. To me it’s all fiction, and I think the best science fiction, the best mystery fiction, the best horror fiction ought to be put on par with the best quote-unquote ‘literary fiction.’”
- Michael Chabon
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