May 16th, 2012

Scully/Outer Space

The truth is out there, and the game is on!

Hey there! Remember me? I'm back from a fantastic and thought-provoking colloquium in DC, rather tired, but in a good way. My final lecture for my spring classes is done, I've celebrated our seventeenth anniversary with my best friend and true love, and now I'm turning my attention to my as-yet-incomplete writing projects before the beginning of the summer term.

Happy early birthday wishes to lexie_marie, jalara, theladyrose, elvenjoy, gondoriangirl, vivien529, and senket. May all of you enjoy many happy returns of the day!

In other news, my sold-out "Sherlock and Science Fiction" Webinar, hosted last February by StarShipSofa's "HoloDeck Workshops," is now available for purchase as a video and audio download, including the question/answer session. Here is more information. It was terrific fun, and I'm grateful to StarShipSofa for making it available to those who might be interested.

This mashup of The X-Files and Sherlock made my day. (Thanks to killerweasel.)

“Hi guys. My name’s Martin Crieff, the Captain, and I’m the guy in charge of flying you today. On behalf of the rest of the guys on my team and the guys back on the ground, let me give you guys one hell of a big MJN welcome on board today. Now, before we go right ahead and fly some plane, I’m going to ask you to pay attention to this short safety demonstration. Hey, I know guys. Big yawn, eh? But you know what? It might just save your life... A-a-although of course an air accident is statistically incredibly unlikely. See you on the flip side of the safety demonstration. Ciao!”
- Martin Crieff, "Rotterdam," Cabin Pressure <- I now hear this in my head before takeoff every time I fly!