June 10th, 2012

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Sunday, Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I've been quite busy with a sick Virginia, so I'm a bit behind. Happy belated birthday to chorale, nakeisha, poenari, ebonange, frodosweetstuff, primroseburrows, gbsteve, eowynmaiar, and sally_maria. Happy early bithday to magicwondershow, groovekittie, eveningblue, peadarog, thehornedgod, baylorsr, lin4gondor, and caitri. May all of you enjoy a fantastic year to come!

* My latest "Looking Back on Genre History" segment for StarShipSofa, which is a review of the collection Walking the Clouds: An Anthology of Indigenous Science Fiction (and serves as a follow-up to my earlier segment on Native American genre fiction), is now up at StarShipSofa. You can listen or download it here. An updated list of all of my podcast appearances (with links) is available here.

* My experience last weekend at ConCarolinas was fantastic. So much SF goodness! I was hoping to write up a proper report, but for the moment, here are a few highlights (in no particular order)...

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I Believe in Sherlock Holmes