August 5th, 2012

Edgar Allan Poe/Writing

"Mellonta Tauta" by Edgar Allan Poe (My Narration)

I'm back from a most productive and enjoyable experience in DC, and I'll be catching up shortly.

In the meantime, a quick note: as I've been compiling a list of unabridged audio versions of the texts assigned in my upcoming "Science Fiction, Part 1" seminar for my students, I discovered that there's not a convenient and free reading of Edgar Allan Poe's wickedly satirical and clever 1859 short story "Mellonta Tauta" online. (The title translates as "These things are in the future" -- an appropriate sentiment, as the story is set in the year 2848.) I decided to remedy this and record my own.

Here, free for adoption, is my narration of Poe's "Mellonta Tauta." If you listen, I hope you enjoy!

Last but certainly not least, happy birthday to febobe, and happy early birthday to manzanas_verdes, gamgeefest, and janissa11! May all of you enjoy a brilliant day and a wonderful year to come, my friends.

Talking of drag-ropes -- our own, it seems, has this moment knocked a man overboard from one of the small magnetic propellers that swarm in ocean below us -- a boat of about six thousand tons, and, from all accounts, shamefully crowded. These diminutive barques should be prohibited from carrying more than a definite number of passengers. The man, of course, was not permitted to get on board again, and was soon out of sight, he and his life-preserver. I rejoice, my dear friend, that we live in an age so enlightened that no such a thing as an individual is supposed to exist. It is the mass for which the true Humanity cares.
- "Mellonta Tauta," Edgar Allan Poe
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