October 2nd, 2012


Halloween Countdown, Day 2

If you're looking for a poetic start to this spooky season, be sure to visit the Science Fiction Poetry Association's very popular Halloween Poetry Reading site, edited by Liz Bennefeld. Now in its seventh season, the site offers audio recordings of Halloween-appropriate poems (read by the poets themselves!) along with haunting art photographs. Check it out!


Text of the Day: Today's verse was first published in the October 1937 issue of Weird Tales.

"To A Skull on My Bookshelf"
by Elizabeth Virginia Raplee

O bony relic of forgotten days,
Which, from my bookshelf, dominates the room,
Your empty sockets, with sardonic gaze,
Follow me weirdly in the deepening gloom!
I often think, if sudden speech returned,
You might reveal that secret, grisly jest
You're grinning at—or tell me what you've learned
Of that dark realm to which we're all addressed.

By what rude hands were you exhumed, and why
Wrenched from your body in its earthy bed?
Who knows but such indignity will I
Receive at other hands, when I am dead,
And, strangely resurrected, may adorn
The wall or desk of one as yet unborn!

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