October 10th, 2012


Halloween Countdown, Day 10

I'm feeling very Tolkienian today. Let's go with an old favorite for our Text of the Day, the oh-so-eerie poem "The Mewlips" (1962) by J.R.R. Tolkien from The Adventures of Tom Bombadil.

And a special treat: listen to J.R.R. Tolkien reading the first lines!

"The Mewlips"

The shadows where the Mewlips dwell
Are dark and wet as ink,
And slow and softly rings their bell,
As in the slime you sink.

You sink into the slime, who dare
To knock upon their door,
While down the grinning gargoyles stare
And noisome waters pour.

Collapse )

Here's a fan video by Richard Svensson, set to Colin John Rudd's musical interpretation of "The Mewlips."