October 12th, 2012

Halloween/trick or treat

Halloween Countdown, Day 12

Every year, my parents send their granddog, the fabulous Virginia, a Halloween costume for her to wear (as well as treats to bribe her to model for pictures). This year she is a banana split. That's right: a banana split. *wink*

Virginia Halloween 2012

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As always, you can see more pictures of Virginia here.

I hope you enjoy the Text of the Day!

"Sonnet 100"
by Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke (1554-1628)

In night when colors all to black are cast,
Distinction lost, or gone down with the light;
The eye a watch to inward senses placed,
Not seeing, yet still having powers of sight,

Gives vain alarums to the inward sense,
Where fear stirred up with witty tyranny,
Confounds all powers, and thorough self-offense,
Doth forge and raise impossibility:

Such as in thick depriving darknesses,
Proper reflections of the error be,
And images of self-confusednesses,
Which hurt imaginations only see;

And from this nothing seen, tells news of devils,
Which but expressions be of inward evils.