June 2nd, 2013


Various Updates

* The latest Oklahoma City tornado!apocalypse passed my family by, although my sister had some very rough moments (read: hours) thanks to it. I'm most grateful for all of your concerns and good thoughts. I'm still catastrophically behind on my email. Please forgive me for my tardiness in replies.

* I love Goodreads and Bookmooch. So much! I'm here on Goodreads and here on Bookmooch, if you're ever there and interested in "friending."

* If you've missed the Peter Cushing blogathon at Frankensteinia, in honor of Cushing's 100th birthday, check it out!

* Spoilers! So the Doctor Who news is official. I look forward to seeing what's next. The finale blew my mind (in the best possible way), so I'm wholly invested, on the edge of my seat, and ready for more.

* Speaking of Doctor Who, don't miss the first episode of Kat and Curt's TV Re-View, where the Buffy and Doctor Who 'verses combine. It's going to be brilliant!!!!

* Have I mentioned how much we've loved the first season of Orphan Black? It's wonderful to find a new genre-related series that doesn't talk down to the audience. It's exceptionally well done and thoughtfully constructed. (I was deeply discouraged by Copper and Vikings, and frustrated to the point of genuine anger by The Following and Elementary, so it was a breath of very fresh air to be fascinated/delighted by Orphan Black. Thank goodness the next season is in the works! YMMV, of course; IDIC in all things, always, my friends.)


* Last but certainly not least, happy birthday to chorale, and happy early birthday to nakeisha, poenari, ebonange, frodosweetstuff, primroseburrows, , eowynmaiar, sally_maria, magicwondershow, groovekittie, eveningblue, peadarog, thehornedgod, baylorsr, lin4gondor, caitri, belleferret, valancourtbooks, potboy, alex_beecroft, nurdbunny, lisa_marli, graashoppa, toddlyles, pktheater, and lizzieausten. May you enjoy many happy returns of the day! Love to all of you!