September 2nd, 2013


The SofaCON recording is here!

Did you miss SofaCON? Or would you like to relive it? Now you can see it after the fact!

This video includes, in order, the introduction by Peter Watts, my "Looking Back At Genre History" multimedia presentation (beginning at approximately 0:18:30 on the video), a reading by author Ted Kosmatka, my "One to One" interview with the great Lois McMaster Bujold (beginning at approximately 1:35:00), a reading by author Gregory Frost, a discussion of SF fandom by the gentlemen of Amazing Stories, the SF Quiz featuring SF Signal vs. Geeks Guide to the Galaxy (with questions/officiating by yours truly), the keynote talk by Peter Watts, and the conclusion by StarShipSofa's fearless leader, the incomparable Tony C. Smith. I do hope you enjoy it.