October 22nd, 2013


Countdown to Halloween, Day 22

I can think of a number of excellent television series to recommend for the season, but one holds a special place in my heart with its Halloween-friendly atmosphere and content. I loved Millennium (1996-1999) from the debut of its pilot episode, and I've continued to adore it all these years. It holds up to repeated viewings. (All three seasons are available on DVD, via Netflix, etc.)

Just the introduction alone puts me in a different place.

Millennium Season 3 opening credits from Troy Foreman on Vimeo.

One of my favorite episodes is from the second season. "A Room with No View" suggests that the Devil does not seek out the good in the hopes of turning them evil, as much as (s)he seeks out those with promise in the hopes of turning them to mediocrity. A chilling script, beautifully realized.

We just rewatched the second-season Halloween episode "The Curse of Frank Black." Fantastic.

Imagine my delight recently when I discovered the Back to Frank Black campaign -- supported by show creator Chris Carter, co-executive producer Frank Spotnitz, composer Mark Snow, and all of the show's regular stars -- and its exceptional podcast (highly recommended!) and hard-copy collection of essays/interviews (currently reading!). A return of this remarkable series (likely as a film or miniseries) is possible. The time, as the Millennium Group would say, is now.

Consider this trailer for the campaign, scored by original series composer Mark Snow. Those of you who are familiar with the show should note that the photo of the young woman is indeed child-actress Brittany Tiplady (who played Jordan Black) all grown up, and of course Frank Black remains none other than the brilliant Lance Henriksen.

Catherine Black: If you're not afraid, you're living in denial.
- Millennium

Bob Bletcher: If it was 500 years ago, you'd have been burned as a witch.
Frank Black: Nothing I do is magic, Bob.
Bob Bletcher: Yeah, a lot of people shouted just that from the middle of a bonfire.
- Millennium
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