December 17th, 2013


"The Sheriff’s Secret Police are holding their annual Auction of Contraband and Seized Property"

Oh, Welcome to Night Vale, never change.

welcome to night vale

The Sheriff’s Secret Police went on to say that objects are invested with mana, magic power caused by the dangerous ideas of property and ownership. And holding onto them is our attempt at having something that will never let us down, even though eventually all will.

People leave. Parents leave the room. Lovers leave your life. You leave the world.

We clutch teddy bears first, then dolls, then sports jerseys, and automobiles with hand-sewn leather and excellent gas mileage. As if that were something permanent.

The Sheriff’s Secret Police gave a great cheer in honor of constant decay and the inevitability of abandonment.

- Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 37: "The Auction"