December 29th, 2013

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Retrospective: Published and Read in 2013

I hope everyone is enjoying the waning days of 2013. My holiday didn't exactly happen as planned, or at all, but so it goes. I did at least have a chance to watch and thoroughly love Mark Gatiss's new M.R. James: Ghostwriter documentary and adaptation of "The Tractate Middoth." Two thumbs up! And, of course, I caught Matt Smith's tear-inducing departure from Doctor Who. I'll be interested to see what Peter Capaldi does with the role.

It's about time for one of those retrospective posts, isn't it? For my own benefit, if nothing else, here goes.

Here's what I published in 2013.
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Here's what I read in 2013. My reviews are available here on Goodreads. (Pssst! Looking for what may be the next significant YA dystopian series? I recommend taking a look at Red Rising).
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