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Fan Fiction: A Question and a Recommendation

A question, because my flist knows all: Can anyone recommend or point me to Lord of the Rings fan fiction set in the alternate universe of the subjugated Shire (a.k.a. the "Scouring of the Shire" tribute scene) shown in Galadriel's mirror in Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring film? Thanks!

A recommendation for fans and non-fans alike: angel_gigdet just posted a remarkable Lost in Space story inspired by the lyrics of Bill Mumy's song "The Ballad of William Robinson." Whether or not you're a diehard Lost in Space fan, I recommend it.

And a tried and true quote for the day:

"The Ballad of William Robinson" by Bill Mumy

My name is William Robinson, I'm 42 years old.
I've seen the hot side of the sun, I've seen blue icy cold.
I've shot the one-eyed giant down with laser in my hand,
But I'll never see my home again on walk on Earth's green land.

In 1997 we set out on the Jupiter 2,
Bound for Alpha Centauri, my family and small crew.
We ran into a meteor storm - the wrong time, the wrong place.
It's been six months and thirty years that we've been lost in space.

My father died five years ago. There was no better man than he.
My mother's never been the same, and now it's up to me.
Our pilot is a handsome man, my sisters both could tell.
And Dr. Smith will get us killed and that may be just as well.

I've worked the mines of many worlds for fuel to power our ship.
I have a robot for a friend and helper on our trip.
I'm sending out this message now from this ungodly place
In hopes someone will rescue us from being lost in space.

My name is William Robinson and I'll never take a wife.
No children will I father. I have no normal life.
Show me mercy in this universe, or show me God's true face.
Whisper my name to the stars for I am lost in space.
Tags: fan fiction, sf, tolkien, tv

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