May 1st, 2015


Happy May!

Here are some Calls for Papers that may be of interest:
- Special Issue of the Journal of Popular Film and Television on Sherlock Holmes Onscreen
- Monstrous Moral Messengers: Supernatural Figures in Children’s Picture Books & Early Readings
- Monsters, Demons and the Jewish Fantastic
- Journal of Dracula Studies

Here is some of the oldest film of London still in existence, including amazing old footage plus modern shots of the same locations today. This also features maps carefully researched to show where the camera was during different takes.

Happy early birthday wishes to angelinehawkes, idwoman, pseudoanorexic, vyrdolak, lyria_theringer, bistokidsfan77, catw, dragonrose1125, dduane, lexie_marie, jalara, theladyrose, elvenjoy, jan_u_wine, gondoriangirl, vivien529, and senket. May each of you enjoy many happy returns of the day!