September 21st, 2015

Qui-Gon/What U Cannot Do

Tone Poems from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

I'm back from Colonial Williamsburg and a fantastic conference on the Iroquois Confederacy. I could've used a day to recuperate before facing Monday, but so it goes. Onward and upward!

It's been ages since I reposted these, so today's the day. Here are the five tone poems from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. They were originally heard in the ads for the film.

"One Dream" (Anakin's Tone Poem)
What if dreams came true,
And you could be who you wanted to be,
And you could do what you wanted to do,
And you could help who you wanted to help?
What if dreams came true
And the world opened up
And you were never, ever afraid?
What if dreams came true?
But dreams do come true...
Don't they?

"One Will" (Amidala's Tone Poem)
There are things I cannot do.
I cannot watch while people suffer.
I cannot sit when something must be done.
I cannot cannot judge those who are different.
There are things I cannot do.
I cannot run, hide, or ignore.
There are things I cannot do.
But there are certainly things I will do.

"One Love" (Shmi's Tone Poem)
Don't look back before you go.
Eyes forward.
Choices to make.
Dreams to realize.
Don't look back before you go.
Know the truth, learn to let go.
Don't look back before you go,
Before you leave me.

"One Truth" (Darth Maul's Tone Poem)
Fear Attracts the Fearful, the Strong, the Weak, the Innocent, the Corrupt.
Fear is my ally.

"One Destiny" (Qui-Gon's Tone Poem)
It will be a hard life,
One without reward.
Without remorse.
Without regret.
A path will be placed before you.
The choice is yours alone.
Do what you think you cannot do.
It will be a hard life,
But you will find out who you are.