October 20th, 2015

Colour Out of Space

Halloween Countdown, Day 20

"[N]otheinge was spared to mainteyne Lyfe and to doe those things w[hi]ch seame incredible..."
- George Percy, 1609

This is another case of real history being darker than any ghost story.

Three years ago, an excavation project at the Historic Jamestowne archaeological site conducted in a 1608 James Fort cellar yielded a remarkable and disturbing find from the settlement's Starving Time of 1609-1610: the first scientifically-proven example of survival cannibalism in Colonial America. Here is a video clip showing how archaeologists and forensic anthropologists, after months of delicate work, decoded the clues in the (teenage female) human remains.

As dark as this is, there is light, too. Science and artistry both have been used to bring the story -- and the face -- of the approximately 14-year-old young woman to our awareness. She is no longer forgotten. Meet Jane.

During my visit last month, I found that a "Jane’s Story" exhibit has been added to the special room of the Nathalie P. and Alan M. Voorhees Archaearium that explores death in Jamestown's early years. The dig where Jane was found is still an active excavation site.

* Here is a list of links to different news articles published about Jane.
* Here is the "Jane's Story" section of the Historic Jamestowne website.
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Book Launch and Giveaway!

Today marks the official launch of Harry Potter for Nerds II! I'm pleased to say I have an essay in the collection, and so do five of my current and former graduate students. There's lots of news to share!

* The Mugglenet Academia podcast has devoted its latest episode ("Lesson 37") to the book. Listen here.

* Purchase Harry Potter for Nerds II by Halloween and you will receive free extras, including a recorded discussion featuring Yours Truly and the book's co-editor, my dear friend Dr. Kathryn N. McDaniel. Go here for more information.

* You also can enter a Goodreads giveaway here for a chance to win a free copy. Please share the news!

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