October 21st, 2015


Halloween Countdown, Day 21


"All Souls' Eve" by Darl Macleod Boyle (1920)

The evening is dark, and the sky is misty, and the wind blows low;
O wind, cease swaying the bare, bare branches, bending them to and fro,
They look too like ghosts in the pale moonlight,
Ah, too like ghosts in the dusky night,
When ghosts glide to and fro!

O ghosts not laid, and ghosts forgotten, and ghosts of the evil dead,
Why will ye come to sear my heart, when I thought ye had gone, and fled,
Why do ye come on this night of the year,
Does it ease your pain to behold my fear,
Since all is done and said?
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    "All Souls Night," Loreena McKennitt
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