February 29th, 2016


Call for Papers: Virtual Dark Tourism

Here's one more call for papers I had to share! The editor is a dear friend of mine, and I'm very excited about this volume. I hope some of you will consider submitting abstracts for it.

Call for Papers: Essays in Virtual Dark Tourism

“Call it a pilgrimage, perhaps.”
- Vintage Season

Dark Tourism studies are expanding as scholars, largely from public history fields, have become interested in the phenomenon of thanatourism: people’s fascination with traveling to places that have witnessed death or that recreate sites of calamity, war, and destruction. Ranging from the absurd and comical to the profoundly moving, these sites connect people to the past in tangible ways through objects, spaces, exhibits, and dramatic recreation.

The desire to journey to dark places of the past also extends to the realm of the imagination. Artists, writers, filmmakers, and designers of video games (among others) have created virtual Dark Tourism experiences for armchair travelers by having people participate in imaginary voyages to lands and times where terrible acts have occurred.

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