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"doom the project, and future red-shirted crewmen"

I am not quite yet caught up with all of you, but I'm off again, this time to Indianapolis to direct a colloquium on property rights and Native America. I'm very fortunate to have been able to assemble a "dream team" of scholars from across North and Central America for this event, and I have great expectations for it. I will be online to a limited degree while I'm gone, and then I'll return on Sunday. I wish everyone a great rest of the week and weekend!

Before I leave, I have some links to share:

* duncatra has a great post about stupid author tricks here.

* Check out "Analytics According to Captain Kirk" for a great new perspective on the Star Trek red shirt phenomenon. (Thanks to ithildyn.)

* The wonderful louise_bohmer has posted some of her flash fiction online. Read more here.

* SFSite has new reviews of two anthologies that I've been looking forward to reading, Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse and Tales Before Narnia.

* Last but not least, this currently tops my list as the best geeky, corny, "feel good" YouTube video around. Share the love.

"Remember, when you have to account for lost crewmembers, your report needs to account for the how, the why, and the ability to draw specific conclusions as to how to affect the trends in the future. Depending upon your approach, you could either doom the project, and future red-shirted crewmen, or you could be visiting planets full of peaceful alien women."
- Matt Bailey, "Analytics According to Captain Kirk"
Tags: genre literature, presentations, sf

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