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"wake me from my dreamless sleep"

fungus_files pointed out that I've been remiss lately in sharing pictures of Virginia, the world's most beautiful Boston terrier. I can't have that! So now I am making amends.

Here she is this week, enjoying the view of springtime (and probably her own reflection in the window):



You can see more Virginia pictures here.

Also, in geek news...

* I can't say enough good things about Paul Roland's new Lovecraft-themed CD Re-Animator. It's addictive! "Re-Animator," "Pan," "Taliesin," and "Arkham" are personal favorites. I've just discovered Roland's work (where have I been?), and I was pleased to find his two-CD download Gaslight Tales, as well. You can listen to clips of Re-Animator here.

* Speaking of Lovecraft, today's The Classic Tales Podcast features "The Lurking Fear."

* Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie was rereleased on DVD this week. (Thanks for the reminder, sittingduck1313!)

"Arkham's soul is sick with sin,
The sullen houses brooding on the
Grim, dark crimes of Arkham.
Fearful faces turn away,
Draw the blinds at close of day,
When I return to Arkham.

And still it calls to me.
Wake me from my dreamless sleep.
Please, wake me from my dreamless sleep.

Among the churchyard's moldering stones
I recognize a name: my own.
I have come home to Arkham."

- from "Arkham," Paul Roland
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