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"Waue thou handes in the ayre, shakest thou deriere."

Happy Wednesday! I have some news to share...

* As you may know, I've begun narrating contemporary science fiction stories for the UK audio science fiction magazine StarShipSofa. (You can hear my narration of Elizabeth Bear's "And the Deep Blue Sea" here, and other narrations will go up soon.) As of today, I've also begun contributing an audio "article" for StarShipSofa's "Aural Delights" Wednesday program, in which I give my commentary about a science fiction topic. These will run once a month. My first is available on today's show. (It begins approximately 10 minutes into the podcast.) If you listen, I hope you enjoy!

* I have my schedule for ConCarolinas.

My ConCarolinas Schedule

On Friday:
6pm "The Best Books You've Never Heard Of"
(An homage to forgotten or little-known authors and their works.)

On Saturday:
12pm "The Hobbit: The Motion Picture(s)"
(Two movies? Who will direct? Who will star? Will Beorn get his due?)

1pm "Harry Potter: The Aftermath"
(The seventh book has sunk in. What do you think?)

5pm "Where No One Has Gone Before?"
(Star Trek old and new. What are you expecting from the new movie?)

9pm "The Rise of Goth"
(From fashion to fiction, Goth is in.)

On Sunday:
11am "Where's My Personal Jetpack?"
(Why don't we have the "world of tomorrow" that was promised to us?)

* And last but not least, run, don't walk, to read LOL Manuscripts! Because everything could use a little LOL, especially the Renaissance. Observe, for example, this handy New Map of Ways to Die in England. (Thanks to curtana.)

Quote for the day:
Waue thou handes in the ayre, shakest thou deriere.
from The Prouerbs of Lydgate, 1510
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