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"what else is the whole cosmos but mystery?"

Happy birthday to otoselkie, and happy early birthday to lexie_marie! May you both have wonderful days and fantastic years to come.

I have lots of links to share today that I hope may be of interest...

* The Journal of Mythic Arts has a post about the Celtic Myth Podshow.

* Harry and the Potters, Math the Band, and Uncle Monsterface have announced The Unlimited Enthusiasm 2008 Tour. (Note: All I can say is, if you have the chance to see Harry and the Potters play live, do so!)

* Here are two "top ten" lists of overlooked science fiction classics:
- from The List Universe
- from Ian Sales

* io9 lists "7 Reasons Why SciFi Book Series Outstay Their Welcomes." (Note: I disagree with their assessment of Frank Herbert. To my mind, the Dune series was very welcome until Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson got into the act.)

* New at Revolution Science Fiction: "Sci-Fi TV Not Cancelled Yet in 2008."

* Topless Robot posted a list of "The Top Ten Brutally Annoying Comic Relief Characters." (Note: Come on, no one is more annoying than Jar-Jar!)

* Pequest Designs has some beautiful jewelry inspired by Lost, Firefly, and Bones, as well as a lovely necklace series inspired by characters from The Lord of the Rings. (If you're looking for the Samwise Gamgee necklace, I have it! *g*)

"Seek out mystery: what else is the whole cosmos but mystery?"
- Poul Anderson, "Goat Song"
Tags: genre literature, sf

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