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ConCarolinas: all that and a bag of tribbles

ConCarolinas was a wonderful experience! The panels were well attended and thought provoking, the main programming was entertaining and enjoyable, and the entire event was incredibly well planned and organized. I highly recommend this con.

I was particularly pleased and gratified by the response to those discussions in which I was featured as a guest, and thrilled at the chance to trade thoughts on "the best books you've never heard of" with Author Guest of Honor Mike Resnick (and hear his opinion on why the works of Bradbury and Heinlein will outlive those of Clarke and Asimov). As usual, I brought home more new books than I'd planned, and I am completely unrepentant about it. I also had the opportunity to chat with futurist Stephen Euin Cobb, a conversation that may end up on his podcast The Future and You one of these days. I heard some tantalizing scoops about the upcoming Star Trek film and "reimagining" of The Highlander, and I gained some terrific insights from Mike Pederson of Nth Degree, Stephen Euin Cobb, and Gray Rineheart about technological trends of the past and future. The con provided all the brain food I hoped for and more.

By far, the very best part of the con was spending time with the wonderful shiny_elfriend and meeting and getting to know a shiny new friend, the terrific hinluin. Good times indeed!

In other, far less happy news, I must offer moments of silence for the passing of two legends:

* Bo Diddley, R.I.P.

* Robert H. Justman, R.I.P.

"Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley have you heard?
My pretty baby says she wants a bird..."
"Bo Diddley," Buddy Holly
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