Amy H. Sturgis (eldritchhobbit) wrote,
Amy H. Sturgis

an update on the case of the Girl Scout murders

Last year I posted about the anniversary of the rape and murder of three young Girl Scouts at Camp Scott near Locust Grove, Oklahoma and then followed with an update containing additional information. I promised to post an update when the results of the new DNA test were made public.

The results have just been released. Unfortunately, they offer no closure to the families and no definitive answer about who committed crime. In fact, they have raised new and unexpected questions...

From The Oklahoman today: Was a Female Involved in 1977 Girl Scout Slayings?

From The Tulsa World: DNA Linked to 1977 Case Inconclusive

From DNA Testing Inconclusive in Girl Scout Murders

My heart continues to go out to everyone touched by this tragedy. I will post an update if additional news is announced.
Tags: locust grove

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