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"if we can imagine it"

I have a few notes to share today:

* This talk by Neal Stephenson on "Science Fiction as a Literary Genre" is well worth a watch.

* My latest contribution to the StarShipSofa Audio Magazine is available in today's podcast, accessible here and via iTunes (under "StarShipSofa"). My segment begins approximately 10 minutes into the show and concerns the controversial rise and fall (and anniversary this year) of an important yet often overlooked science fiction television series.

* I have committed to my first con guest appearance for next year: RavenCon 2009.

"Literature is an uttering, or outering, of the human imagination. It lets the shadowy forms of thought and feeling — heaven, hell, monsters, angels and all — out into the light, where we can take a good look at them and perhaps come to a better understanding of who we are and what we want, and what the limits to those wants may be. Understanding the imagination is no longer a pastime, but a necessity; because increasingly, if we can imagine it, we'll be able to do it."
- Margaret Atwood, "Why We Need Science Fiction"
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