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"Like plates washed clean"

Happy birthday to alii_s. May you have a wonderful day today and many more to come!

A few notes...

* For a limited time, HarperCollins is making Neil Gaiman's fantastic novel Neverwhere available online for free. I can't recommend this book highly enough. If you haven't read it, here's a perfect opportunity!

* Thanks to everyone who participated in my poll about October. My annual month-long, Halloween-inspired "spooky" blogfest will indeed be back this year, and I'm busy making plans, so I hope it will be lots of fun for everyone. I know I'm looking forward to it!

* Today we went to Charlotte and saw the "A Day in Pompeii" exhibit at Discovery Place. It was quite remarkable, especially the room-size frescoes, the funerary sculptures, and the plaster casts of the victims. Charlotte is the final U.S. destination for this exhibit, so if you're in the area and interested, be sure to see it.

"The breezes taste
Of apple peel.
The air is full
Of smells to feel-
Ripe fruit, old footballs,
Burning brush,
New books, erasers,
Chalk, and such.
The bee, his hive,
Well-honeyed hum,
And Mother cuts
Like plates washed clean
With suds, the days
Are polished with
A morning haze."
- John Updike
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