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Halloween Countdown, Day 6

* Happy birthday to coalitiongirl, and best wishes for many happy returns of the day!

* This month the wonderful folks at The Hog's Head are reading and talking about one H.P. Lovecraft story per week. And guess who is crashing the party and guest blogging there during October? Yours truly! Please stop by and check out the discussion.


LINK OF THE DAY: Today's link is Rebecca's Realm, a wonderful collection of Gothic cartoons that, as you can see from the example above, capture the Halloween spirit.

LITERATURE OF THE DAY: "Seaton's Aunt," a very spooky story indeed, is the last stop in our tour of Lovecraft's picks for eerie reads. Enjoy the chills provided by Walter de la Mare (1873-1956)!

Excerpt from "Seaton's Aunt" by Walter de la Mare:
He made no answer; he was standing by the dressing-table looking across his candle into the looking-glass; he turned and stared slowly round the walls.

"Even this room's nothing more than a coffin. I suppose she told you--'It's all exactly the same as when my brother William died'--trust her for that! And good luck to him, say I. Look at that." He raised his candle close to the little water-colour I have mentioned. "There's hundreds of eyes like that in the house; and even if God does see you, he takes precious good care you don't see Him. And it's just the same with them. I tell you what, Withers, I'm getting sick of all this. I shan't stand it much longer."

The house was silent within and without, and even in the yellowish radiance of the candle a faint silver showed through the open window on my blind. I slipped off the bedclothes, wide awake, and sat irresolute on the bedside.

"I know you're only guying me," I said angrily, "but why is the house full of--what you say? Why do you hear--what you do hear? Tell me that, you silly fool!"

Seaton sat down on a chair and rested his candlestick on his knee. He blinked at me calmly. "She brings them," he said, with lifted eyebrows.

Read the complete story.
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