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Halloween Countdown, Day 22

Irish graveyard
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LINKS OF THE DAY: Abandoned places are spooky. Don't believe me? Check out these links! (Thanks to marthawells for the recommendations.)

* 7 Scary Ghost Towns: Eternal Remnants From Abandonment, Death, and Destruction

* 12 Historic Abandoned Boats, Ships, and Docks

* 6 Abandoned Railroads, Subways, and Trains

LITERATURE OF THE DAY: For your thrills and chills today we have "The Dead Valley" by Ralph Adams Cram (1863-1942). H.P. Lovecraft praised this story in the following words: "the eminent architect and mediævalist Ralph Adams Cram achieves a memorably potent degree of vague regional horror through subtleties of atmosphere and description."

Excerpt from "The Dead Valley" by Ralph Adams Cram:
"We had passed through the foothills and the low spurs of the mountains, and were almost at the top of the main range, when life seemed to go out of everything, leaving the world dead, so suddenly silent the forest became, so stagnant the air. Instinctively we halted to listen.

"Perfect silence, -- the crushing silence of deep forests at night; and more, for always, even in the most impenetrable fastnesses of the wooded mountains, is the multitudinous murmur of little lives, awakened by the darkness, exaggerated and intensified by the stillness of the air and the great dark but here and now the silence seemed unbroken even by the turn of a leaf, the movement of a twig, the note of night bird or insect. I could hear the blood beat through my veins; and the crushing of the grass under our feet as we advanced with hesitating steps sounded like the falling of trees."

Read the complete story.
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