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Halloween Countdown, Day 23

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LITERATURE OF THE DAY: Today's spooky reading is a classic, "The Wind in the Rose-Bush" by Mary E. Wilkins (Freeman) (1852-1930).

Excerpt from "The Wind in the Rose-Bush" by Mary E. Wilkins (Freeman):
"The rose is on the bush, and it's gone from the bed in my room! Is this house haunted, or what?"

"I don't know anything about a house being haunted. I don't believe in such things. Be you crazy?" Mrs. Dent spoke with gathering force. The colour flashed back to her cheeks.

"No," said Rebecca shortly. "I ain't crazy yet, but I shall be if this keeps on much longer. I'm going to find out where that girl is before night."

Read the complete story.

LINK OF THE DAY: BrokenSea Audio Productions is releasing new audio material (short stories, poems and audio drama) every day of October on their website and via podcast. Included are classic tales from authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Joseph Conrad, and H.P. Lovecraft, full cast audio drama, and readings of great new horror tales by authors who have contributed works to the project. And there's a major event planned for All Hallows Eve itself! Check out 31 Nights of Horror: A Season of Screams.

Broken Sea Audio Productions HALLOWEEN 2008 - Season Of Screams

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