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Halloween Countdown, Day 24

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LITERATURE OF THE DAY: Today's story is "The Spirit's Whisper" by the ever-spooky J. Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873).

Excerpt from "The Spirit's Whisper" by J. Sheridan Le Fanu:
Yes, I have been haunted!—haunted so fearfully that for some little time I thought myself insane. I was no raving maniac; I mixed in society as heretofore, although perhaps a trifle more grave and taciturn than usual; I pursued my daily avocations; I employed myself even on literary work. To all appearance I was one of the sanest of the sane; and yet all the while I considered myself the victim of such strange delusions that, in my own mind, I fancied my senses—and one sense in particular—so far erratic and beyond my own control that I was, in real truth, a madman. How far I was then insane it must be for others, who hear my story, to decide.

Read the complete story.

Next, here's a classic scene with Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera for your Friday:

LINKS OF THE DAY: Today I'd like to recommend some Halloween-appropriate music that's available for free listening online. I hope you enjoy it!

* One of my favorite groups to listen to during the Halloween season is Nox Arcana. Whether you want music inspired by the Grimm Brothers, Edgar Allan Poe, and H.P. Lovecraft, or music inspired by pirates, vampires, and haunted houses, their albums are a perfect backdrop to October. You can listen to many of their songs at their website.

* Celebrating its 10th year on the air, "Out ov the Coffin" is a specialty radio program hosted by D.J. Ichabod. What was born as a means of spreading dark and esoteric music to the Nashville area is now available to the whole world over the web, both as a live stream and an archived show. Last year's special Halloween show included "guest cameos" from Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, and Bela Lugosi! This radio program is great fun, and it's brought to you by WRVU, broadcasting from my alma mater, Vanderbilt University. Go 'Dores!

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