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Halloween Countdown, Day 25

Graveyard pano
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LITERATURE OF THE DAY: Today's story is the spooktacular "A Dreadful Night" by Edwin Lester Arnold (1857-1935).

Excerpt from "A Dreadful Night" by Edwin Lester Arnold:
Only he who has been haunted by a dream, a black horror of the night so real and terrible that many days of repugnance and effort are needed to purge the mind of its ugly details, can understand how a dream that was a fact – a horrible waking fantasy, grotesque and weird, a repetition in hard actuality of the ingenious terrors of sleep – clings to him who, with his faculties about him, and all his senses on the alert, has experienced it.

Read the complete story .

Today is NATIONAL ZOMBIE DAY. Keep an eye on your brains!

In honor of National Zombie Day, I give you "Zombie Haiku":

LINK OF THE DAY: Speaking of haiku, The Science Fiction Poetry Association is celebrating Halloween by posting daily readings of spooky poetry for free download. At the SFPA site you can also download past Halloween postings from 2007 and 2006, as well.
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