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Halloween Countdown, Day 30

Halloween 2008
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LINKS OF THE DAY: Literary Archive is the best place to go online to read spooky literature. It's an ideal spot to find poetry and short stories for your Halloween reading.

* Brad Lang at lists his choices for the best classic scary films ever made. Which are your favorites? Did he miss any important titles?

Each October my parents send a Halloween costume to their "granddog," the world's most beautiful Boston terrier and our very best friend, Virginia. This year my mother sewed the costume herself. Virginia obliged us with a few pictures, for which she was richly rewarded with early Halloween treats.

Halloween 2008

You can see additional pictures of Virginia, including those in her past Halloween costumes, here.

LITERATURE OF THE DAY: Today's reading is an early work of science fiction guaranteed to send chills down your spine: "And the Dead Spake –" by E.F. Benson (1867-1940).

Excerpt from "And the Dead Spake -" by E.F. Benson:
No funeral (up to the time I speak of) had I ever seen leave the Terrace, no marriage party had strewed its pavements with confetti, and perambulators were unknown. It and its inhabitants seemed to be quietly mellowing like bottles of sound wine. No doubt there was stored within them the sunshine and summer of youth long past, and now, dozing in a cool place, they waited for the turn of the key in the cellar door, and the entry of one who would draw them forth and see what they were worth.

Yet, after the time of which I shall now speak, I have never passed down its pavement without wondering whether each house, so seemingly-tranquil, is not, like some dynamo, softly and smoothly bringing into being vast and terrible forces, such as those I once saw at work in the last house at the upper end of the Terrace, the quietest, you would have said, of all the row.

Read the complete story.
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