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"dancing and singing and acting depraved"

Happy birthday to tuilelindowen! May you enjoy a terrific day and wonderful year to come!

And thanks to ankh_hpl for the wonderful Gorey card and poem!

I have a few links to share:

In LJ News

* sarah531 is currently posting a month of gorgeous LJ icons. Be sure to check them out!

* Apex Book Company has a new LJ community: apexbooks. Starting January 1st, 2009, the Apex Community Blog will feature a daily mix of content relating to science fiction and horror.

In Lovecraftian News

* The new trailer for the forthcoming The Dunwich Horror film (starring Jeffrey Combs as Wilbur Whateley, as well as Dean Stockwell, who played the role in the 1970 film version) is now available here.

* Blood Radio's fourth episode is "A Lovecraft Holiday" and is available here for download.

Twas the night before Yuletide and all through the hole
Not a creature was stirring, not even a Dhole
Aldebaren hung at the right place at nine
In the hopes that Great Cthulhu would come out this time

The Fungi from Yuggoth, all snug in their caves
Were plotting to turn all the people to slaves
The Deep Ones in Rlyeh, the Ghouls in their graves
Were dancing and singing and acting depraved

- from "A Lovecraft Christmas" by Paul M. Lemieux
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