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Happy birthday to altariel! May you have a wonderful day and fantastic year to come.

I have a few links to share...

* Oxford University has two free podcasts about Tolkien available. The first is "Tolkien and Languages: Ancient and Invented", and the second is "Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary: 'The Ring of Words.'" Both can be found here. (Thanks to lbilover!) (For information about additional Tolkien-related podcasts, see here and here.)

* In more Tolkien-related news, the new book Black & White Ogre Country: The Lost Tales of Hilary Tolkien will be available for the first time in print on January 30. This book is a collection of children's stories and reminiscences based on a notebook kept by Hilary Tolkien, J.R.R. Tolkien's younger brother, over many years.The initial run of the books will be hardback editions illustrated by Jef Murray, and these are now available from ADC Books.

* io9 lists "The Coolest Robots of Pre-Golden Age SF." Robots in early genre literature!

* Topless Robot lists "The 7 Greatest Sci-Fi/Horror Movie Character Actors of the '80s and '90s." Three actors immediately came to my mind the moment I read the title, and sure enough Topless Robot included all three of them.

* By the way, pardon me if I sound like a commercial, but have I mentioned lately how much I love Bookins for trading books? Unfortunately it's only available in the USA, but I've been using the service for well over a year and a half on an almost weekly basis, and I've never been disappointed.

"I don't get nearly enough credit in life for the things I manage not to say."
Meg Rosoff, How I Live Now
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