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"a glorious dance of communion"

Some amazing people were born on this day! Happy birthday to the wonderful thrihyrne, without whom I never would have come to LiveJoural. Visit her website, Thevina's Mountainous Fanfiction Archive, here. I am sending best wishes to you for the most fabulous birthday - and best year - ever! Happy birthday also to the fantastic seemag. Visit her website, Unbound, here. Best wishes and many, many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday as well to the incomparable heidi8. View her creative journal at pear_vodka. May you have a terrific birthday and a marvelous year to come!

* I must admit that I was so struck yesterday by the death of a personal hero, Patrick McGoohan, that I failed to post about the loss of a remarkable talent, inspirational activist, and true gentleman, Ricardo Montalbán. This is very sad news indeed, and my heart goes out to all of those who were touched by his life and work.

* On a happier note, here are some links about the upcoming year in genre film:

-- "Total Sci Fi's 2009 Movie Preview"

-- "io9's 30 Fantastic Movies to Watch (Or Avoid) This Year"

-- "IconoCritic's Top 9 Unknown Sci-Fi Movies to Look Out For in 2009"

"Look! Here I am, caught up in this fragment of chronology, in this bit of bone and flesh and water which makes up my mortal body, and yet I am also part of that which is not imprisoned in time or mortality. Partaker simultaneously of the finite and the infinite, I do not find the infinite by repudiating my finiteness, but by being fully in it, in this me who is more than I know. This me, like all of creation, lives in a glorious dance of communion with all the universe."
- Madeleine L'Engle, A Stone for a Pillow: Journeys with Jacob
Tags: film, r.i.p., sf

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