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R.I.P., Philip José Farmer (1918-2009)

A true speculative fiction pioneer passed away this morning.

Philip José Farmer (January 26, 1918 - February 25, 2009) was best known for his Riverworld and World of Tiers series, his daring development of sexual and religious themes in his works, his use of pulp heroes such as Tarzan, Doc Savage, and Sherlock Holmes in his books, and his writing of pseudonymous "fictional author" stories. He won his first of three Hugo Awards in 1953 for his controversial (and now classic) The Lovers; he also won the Nebula Award, the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award, the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement, and in 2003, the Forry Award for Lifetime Achievement. He leaves behind family, friends, a devoted following of "Farmerphiles," and more than 75 books.

Visit his official website.

(Thanks to domynoe.)
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