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Happy birthday to aelfgifu! And best wishes for many, many more.

This weekend I had a lovely time talking J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling at Xanadu 8/DeepSouthCon 43, though I was juggling about three separate events, and thus could not stay as long as I wished (and was forced to scoot off without proper goodbyes). It was a treat to attend readings by Connie Willis and M.M. Buckner as well as some terrific panels, and to see melissagay, vaklam, toddlyles, thewordoffred, and other friendly faces. I am really looking forward to HyperiCon in June, which promises to be a fantastic experience.

Recently, after watching the film version of Farenheit 451, I asked my students which book each of them would choose to memorize and become, if they were all transported to live among Ray Bradbury's Book People. Now, rereading Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow in preparation for our class discussion, I am reminded why The Sparrow appeared on my own short list in answer to that very question.

Quotes for the day, from Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow:

"We are, after all, only very clever tailless primates, doing the best we can, but limited. Perhaps we must all own up to being agnostic, unable to know the unknowable."


"We had all the information, really," Emilio said. "It was all there. We just didn't understand. I think perhaps that even if we had been told directly, we would not have understood."


They meant no harm.

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