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"We must be strong and brave"

Happy birthday to gondoriangirl, and happy early birthday to vivien529. May you both enjoy many happy returns of the day!

I have a few links to share...

* From io9, an excellent list in the ongoing "pre-Golden Age" series: "10 Scariest Eco-Catastrophes from Early Science Fiction."

* Sajbrfem (of Fifty Two Acts fame) is starting a "Women in Science Fiction" reading club. First book: The Female Man by Joanna Russ.

* This is the last week of the Brenda Novak Online Auction for Diabetes Research. There are items for readers, for writers (including agent and editor evaluations and author critiques), and people who like to buy stuff. The SF/Fantasy section is here. (Thanks to marthawells, who has three of her autographed hardcover books in the auction!)

* On the latest episode of The Sofanauts podcast, I am part of a roundtable discussion on "the week in science fiction news" along with Jeremy Tolbert (of Escape Pod) and Paul Raven Graham (of Futurismic). You can stream or download this episode here.

* I am soon off to participate in ConCarolinas, where I look forward to seeing estellye, hinluin, witchcat07, arymetore, and sittingduck1313 -- and, I hope, sailingwest as well. Is anyone else attending? I will be online to a limited degree while I'm gone, and I'll be back on Sunday.

I'll leave you with this blast from the past. Until I saw this (and realized I could sing every word of the theme song), I'd forgotten I watched this as a child. Does this mean I was anime before anime was cool? (Oh wait - anime's always been cool. My bad.)

We must be strong and brave.
Our home we've got to save.
If we don't in just one year,
Mother Earth will disappear!
- "Star Blazers Theme," English version


May. 28th, 2009 03:06 pm (UTC)
Sue of Mutant Reviewers From Hell recounts her own Star Blazers memories.


"The main characters tended to have abnormally large eyes, gravity defying hair, and the females among them made Barbie look like a pudgy old hausfrau. Yes my children, this was animé, post-Speed Racer and pre-Sailor Moon. Star Blazers, along with the equally nifty (and much lighter hearted) G-Force, was the animé of my coming-of-age."
May. 29th, 2009 06:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the great link!

Ah, nostalgia. *sighs and stares off into the distance* LOL!