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Happy birthday wishes to magicwondershow, groovekittie, and eveningblue, and happy early birthday to peadarog. May all of you enjoy a wonderful day and a fantastic year to come!

I have some links to share:

* From io9: "Four Authors We Wish Would Return to Science Fiction." One of the four is a favorite author of mine, Mary Doria Russell. As someone who balances both professional and personal love of history and science fiction, I appreciate her insights on how science fiction and historical fiction make similar demands on a writer (and perhaps reader, I would add), as well as her comments about how her background as an anthropologist informs all of her work.

* From SFX: "15 SF Acronyms." U.N.C.L.E.! T.A.R.D.I.S.! And the oft-forgotten V.I.N.C.E.N.T!

* Sarah Zettel on Book View Cafe lists her "Top Ten Arthurian Films." There are some interesting choices, but no Excalibur?!?

* from Topless Robot: "The Nine Greatest Fan Films Ever Made." It's a great list, but I want to give the clever "Troops" extra props. It works on so many levels. I've used this film in my lectures on several occasions. In case you haven't seen it, enjoy. If you have seen it, well, watch it again anyway.

"I have turned out to be kind of a genre slut. I will stand on the literary street corner and get into any genre that drives by and offers to take me to a good par-tay. And sometimes I don't go home with the one who brung me to the dance."
- Mary Doria Russell, from "Four Authors We Wish Would Return to Science Fiction"
Tags: arthuriana, fandom, genre literature, sf, star wars

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