Amy H. Sturgis (eldritchhobbit) wrote,
Amy H. Sturgis

Poll updates, SF news, and Happy August!

Thanks to everyone who took part in my poll about October. My month-long, Halloween-esque daily blogfest definitely will return this year, and I'm looking forward to planning it to be "better than ever" with your recommendations in mind. I greatly appreciate your feedback!

Thanks also to everyone who responded to me poll on disaster films. I was particularly interested to see the nuclear holocaust teleplay Threads mentioned repeatedly. It's not readily available in the US, but I tracked it down thanks to your recommendations, and I'm very glad I did. It's a powerful and haunting film. (By the way, for those interested, The Wall Street Journal just ran an article on disaster films here: "Hollywood Destroys the World." Thanks to vyrdolak.)

Happy birthday today to lizziebelle! May your day be wonderful and your year be the very best yet. Since I'll be running about in and out of the country over the coming days, I'll also go ahead and wish a happy early birthday to my friends zmaddoc, wiccagirl24, febobe, manzanas_verdes, gamgeefest, and janissa11. May all of your wishes come true!

In other news...

* The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have a new website.

* TechRepublic asks "Low-budget science-fiction films: What are your favorites?"

* Librivox has added an unabridged recording of the fascinating fantasy The Five Jars by M.R. James.

And now, for your moment of Zen:


"Birds fly in formation;
Tree leaves sway from side to side;
Clouds gather in small huddles,
discussing the weather;
Grass shoots shoot up once more,
their roots replenished;
A Phoenix nearby hums his Ode;
Tranquility is in place,
after the long bitter wait;
Alive, now, is the world."
- J.I. Stuart, August
Tags: star wars

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