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Halloween Countdown, Day 1

Happy October, everyone!

Today begins my annual 31-day celebration of Halloween. Thank you for joining me! The "spooky texts" I will be posting/linking to each day are short, appropriate for reading in one sitting, and I hope you enjoy them. In addition, you can click on any of the pictures I post to see larger versions. Without further ado, let's get down with our Halloween-loving selves!

To kick things off with just the right mood, here is the short animated film Vincent by Tim Burton and Rick Heinrichs, narrated by Vincent Price:

Spooky Text of the Day: Today's story is "The Child Who Loved A Grave" by Fitz-James O'Brien (1828-1862).

Far away in the deep heart of a lonely country there was an old solitary churchyard. People were no longer buried there, for it had fulfilled its mission long, long ago, and its rank grass now fed a few vagrant goats that clambered over its ruined wall and roamed through the sad wilderness of graves. It was bordered all round with willows and gloomy cypresses; and the rusty iron gate, seldom if ever opened, shrieked when the wind stirred it on its hinges as if some lost soul, condemned to wander in that desolate place forever, was shaking its bars and wailing at the terrible imprisonment.

In this churchyard there was one grave unlike all the rest. The stone which stood at the head bore no name, but instead the curious device, rudely sculptured of a sun uprising out of the sea.

The grave was very small and covered with a thick growth of dock and nettle, and one might tell by its size that it was that of a little child.

Read the complete story here.
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