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Halloween Countdown, Day 13

* Here is a terrific publication that's free to all readers: The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies. Each online issue includes articles, book, film and television reviews, and a special "Lost Souls" section dedicated to resurrecting the neglected and underrated personages of horror (from the 19th-century Gothic novelist Francis Lathom to 1950s "Scream Queen" Susan Cabot).

Here is a sample of some of the most recent articles:
-- "'The Great Disillusionment': H.G. Wells, Mankind, and Aliens in American Invasion Horror Films of the 1950s"
-- "¡Yo Soy Godzilla! - The Possibilities and Futilities of Cuban Horror"
-- "Helen Adam and the Feminist Gothic Imagination"

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* The new trailer is out for Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, and I definitely think it counts as Halloween-appropriate viewing.

Spooky Text of the Day: Today's blood-curdling tale is "The Tomb of Sarah" (1890) by F.G. Loring.

By half-past ten we were both getting very tired, and I began to think that perhaps after all we should see nothing that night. However, soon after eleven we observed a light mist rising from the "Sarah Tomb." It seemed to scintillate and sparkle as it rose, and curled in a sort of pillar or spiral.

I said nothing, but I heard the Rector give a sort of gasp as he clutched my arm feverishly.

"Great Heaven!" he whispered, "it is taking shape."

And, true enough, in a very few moments we saw standing erect by the tomb the ghastly figure of the Countess Sarah!

She looked thin and haggard still, and her face was deadly white; but the crimson lips looked like a hideous gash in the pale cheeks, and her eyes glared like red coals in the gloom of the church.

Read the complete story here.
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