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Let it snow!

It's snowing here. Really, really snowing. Virginia and I took our morning walk in the flurries before it turned to serious snow. Welcome, beautiful winter, my favorite time of year!

Happy birthday to tuilelindowen and whswhs, and happy early birthday to arkhamdenizen. Best wishes for many happy returns of the day!

* I can't say enough good things about The Apex Book of World SF. If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend doing so. The related World SF News Blog has now been syndicated for LJ as world_sf.

* This is a scream: "Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Author." (Thanks to euclase.) Read and laugh.

* Heartfelt thanks to dodger_winslow for the shout-out here and Happy Catholic for the shout-out here. I greatly appreciate it. And thanks also to all of you who have sent me holiday cards. I've been thoroughly enjoying getting lovely mail from my friends from all over the world!

And here, for your Friday amusement, is what happens when Dangerous Minds meets Harry Potter (thanks to The Hog's Head):

Student: “My father’s in Azkaban. My brother’s in Azkaban. What makes you think I have a choice?”
Ms. Granger: “What makes you think you don’t?”

- Dangerous Wands
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