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MarsCon 2010 Con Schedule

Several of my friends celebrate birthdays in the next few days. Many happy returns of the day to scribblerworks, mjolnir1964, altariel, pwilkinson, lukeski, thrihyrne, gallifreygal, seemag, and heidi8. May each of you enjoy a wonderful year to come.

I'll be appearing at MarsCon 2010 at the end of this week. Here's my con schedule:

* Panel at 10pm: Podcasting: What's Hot, What's Next!

* Presentation at 11am: You Say Shoggoth, I Say Hobbit: The H.P. Lovecraft-J.R.R. Tolkien Connection
* Book Signing/Autograph Session at 3pm

* Panel at 12 noon: Young Adult Science Fiction: Classic Traditions and Current Trends

In other news...

* The blog for Walking Tree Publishers, which specializes in Tollkien-related books, has been syndicated for LiveJournal as walking_treepub.

* The bimonthly St. Austin Review, which calls itself “the premier international journal of Catholic culture, literature, and ideas”, has just released its January/February 2010 issue, with a special emphasis on C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Matthew P. Akers' essay "Distributism in the Shire" is available as a free download.

* Lavie Tidhar asks "What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Steampunk?"

"What are you looking at so hard, Dad?"
"I was looking for Earthian logic, common sense, good government, peace and responsibility."
"All that up there?"
"No. I didn't find it. It's not there any more. Maybe it'll never be there again. Maybe we fooled ourselves that it was ever there."
- Ray Bradbury, "The Million Year Picnic"
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