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Yub Nub, Baby!

After a night of glorious thunderstorms, the world is grey and rainy. My favorite kind of day! This afternoon we're going to see the Lenoir-Rhyne University Playmakers' production of Antigone. I'm quite looking forward to it. You can never go wrong with Sophocles.

* As I have mentioned before, I read the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast - a series that is set in an alternate-universe version of my hometown and my former high school, and which features (along with a substantial number of vampyres) cameos by real people I actually know. There's something to be said for the innovative way in which the series incorporates Cherokee culture and mythology, as well. The next book in the series (Burned) is due out on Tuesday, and I'm pleased to see that Book Chick City is devoting an entire week of posts to the series, including reviews of the novels, interviews with the authors, and other interesting information.

* Speaking of Cherokee culture, I was thrilled to learn that one of my very favorite actors, Wes Studi, was recently recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the White Sands International Film Festival.

* Here's a useful list of upcoming independent and under-the-radar SF films.

Last but not least, for your weekend amusement, here's the "Ewok Celebration Song" as performed by the barbershop quartet Crackerjack Junction. You'll never think of "Yub Nub" the same way again:

"I go to wed the lord of the dark waters."
– Antigone in Antigone by Sophocles (translated by Robert Fagles)
Tags: film, gothic, house of night, native america, sf, star wars, tulsa

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