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"to be human in a changing world"

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

* My most recent StarShipSofa "History of the Genre" segment, which this month is about the post-apocalyptic vision of Richard Jefferies (1848-1887), is now available in the latest episode of the podcast. You can download it or listen to it here. If you listen, I hope you enjoy. (A full list of my past podcast segments, with links, is available here.)
Here are links to After London: or, Wild England, which I discuss in my segment:
- at Project Gutenberg (text)
- at Librivox (audio)

* I have just confirmed that I will be a guest at the 2011 science fiction convention StellarCon 35.

* The current issue of World Literature Today focuses on World Science Fiction and includes fiction, poetry, essays, and interviews, including some terrific exclusive online content.

Last but not least, here is a commercial for the TomTom GPS system that uses Darth Vader's voice to provide driving directions. This is Vader's recording session...

"Science fiction is a discussion about what it means to be human in a changing world, and everyone is invited."
- Christopher McKitterick, "The Literature of Change"
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