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Farewell to 24!

Happy birthday to theladyrose, and happy early birthday to gondoriangirl and viven529. May all three of you have an excellent day and a wonderful year to come!

I had nursed hopes that the creators of Lost would be bold in their conclusion and final message (especially after I noted one of the books John Locke was alphabetizing in the hatch in the second season), and they did not disappoint. That was a meaningful and satisfying finale.

Tonight we will say goodbye for now to another long-lived and well-loved series, 24. Fortunately, it sounds like Jack Bauer and company will be making their way to the theater after this, so it's not a permanent farewell. Still, with Lost and 24 retiring, it feels a bit like the end of an era.

In other news...

* There is a new and interesting blog by up-and-coming authors of young adult dystopian and science fiction called The League of Extraordinary Writers (syndicated for LiveJournal as league_writers). Thus far the posts have been focused on the theme of dystopia, and they're definitely worth a look.

* Speaking of the dystopian tradition, I will be giving a guest lecture this weekend at an Institute for Humane Studies seminar at Wake Forest University. I'll be talking about the trend of dystopian thought in current young adult fiction.

* Impressed by its whirlwind of wonderful reviews, I just read Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall. It lived up to the hype. And, interestingly enough, it was the perfect book to complement the series finale of Lost. I'll leave it at that. I recommend it. I'm now reading, among other things, Dark Life by Kat Falls, which not only is scratching my young adult dystopia itch, but also is proving to be an uncanny echo of the great Robert A. Heinlein juveniles.

And here are two nostalgic quotes for the day, because I can't stop at just one:

"The only reason you're still conscious is because I don't want to carry you."
- Jack Bauer, 24, now immortalized on this shirt

"There is nothing you have said or done that is acceptable to me in the least. You're a traitor to this country and a disgrace to your office. And it's my duty to see that you're brought to justice for what you've done. Is there anything else, Charles?"
- Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce to President Charles Logan, 24
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