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The Island and Consider Her Ways

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

* My unabridged narration of Peter Watts's novelette "The Island," which is one of this year's Hugo Award, Locus Award, and Theodore Sturgeon Award nominees, is now available to stream or download on the latest episode of StarShipSofa. If you listen, I hope you enjoy! (A full list of links to my unabridged dramatic readings is here.)

* This week in my summer university course my students are reading novellas by two of the greats of science fiction: Houston, Houston, Do You Read? by James Tiptree, Jr. and Consider Her Ways by John Wyndham.

It just so happens that Consider Her Ways was adapted eight years after its publication as an episode of the series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The episode follows the novella quite closely. Of course I just had to share, so here it is:

"They hoodwinked you, my dear. Between them they channeled your interests and ambitions along courses that were socially convenient, economically profitable, and almost harmless."
- John Wyndham, Consider Her Ways
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