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"Talk of the Nation" NPR - Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR

Well, that was unexpected. I will be interviewed tomorrow during the 3pm hour (EST) for the national "Talk of the Nation" program (out of Washington, D.C.) for National Public Radio. I've been asked to wear my science fiction/fantasy scholar hat and discuss the fan phenomenon surrounding Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Lord of the Rings since -- just in case you've been living under a rock -- tomorrow is the debut of the final Star Wars prequel, and last Friday was the final episode of the Star Trek series Enterprise. This is just FYI, in case you wish to point at your radio and laugh at me. :)

For all of you seeing Episode III tonight/tomorrow, may the Force be with you!

And a quote, because it makes me giggle:

Leonard: He's a Klingot.
Tos: A Klingon.
Archer: Where'd he come from?
Williams: Oklahoma.
"Broken Bow," Enterprise

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